Sunday, August 1, 2021

Claiming the Box

      What is it about a simple box that is so attractive to cats?  These are my granddaughter's cats who have been living with me for the past 8 months, Ivory, Ebony, & Luna.

     The box was left on the computer desk after being opened and emptied.  I stepped away to put the new things in their place and, within 1 minute, Luna had knocked the box off the desk and jumped inside it.  Ebony came to investigate.


Luna bravely defended her position, but Ebony was rather insistent.  
Then, Ivory came along to referee the dispute.

After calling fouls on both Luna and Ebony, and sending them
off to the penalty box in the corner, Ivory took over the cardboard box.
Referee wins!


Swissie said...

Oh yes! That's real life! Cats are wonderful darlings, and they love boxes.
Sending hugs to you all,
Liv (Swissie) in Switzerland

Suze said...

That is definitely cat behaviour! Luna did all the work of getting the box on the floor and then got kicked out!
My daughter's cat goes for the big paper bags too - and they are definitely not as sturdy as boxes.

Catnip and Kitty Whiskers said...

That is so funny! Pretty kitties!

Teresa Arsenault said...

Haha! Terry sometimes comes into the livingroom with a cardboard box, announcing, "Cat trap!" Then he drops the box on the floor and within a second or two, one of our cats jumps into the box.

Christi Conley said...

Hahahahahahahahaha!! You can always tell when someone has cats, there are boxes all over the house!! Well, there are boxes all over MY house, as well as fur, toys and cats. LOL <3