Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Sorry for not having a new card for you this morning but my crafting weekend really didn't go as planned.  My daughter and two of my grandkids came up to visit me (with a hidden agenda -- but more about that later in this post) and, as they were leaving town to head back home (250 miles away), they were in a collision which totalled out their vehicle. 

Other than managable bangs and bruises, daughter and both grandkids are going to be fine.  Thank God for that!  Somewhat scary and emotional for all of them (me, too!)  End result is that I stayed with them as they all got treated at the local ER before being released, and then I drove them home.  That was a four+ hour trip each way and, once at their house, I stayed overnight before returning home. 

So, time I had planned for crafting was spent on more important things, and I have no card to post this morning. I know you'll all understand.  :-)

OK, now the hidden agenda part-- they brought me a kitten!  Honeysuckle (already shortened to "Honey") is a Flame Point Siamese mix, 10 weeks old, a little, white, bundle of purring and energy, and the Cleo Dutchess isn't just sure how to handle having another feline in the house.   Once she gets Honey properly schooled in the necessities of the pecking order, and that Cleo is at the top of it, things will be fine.  For now, Honey is content to sleep next to me at night, curled up on my pillow with her little face in my hair.

I promise pictures of Honey as soon as I can get some posted. (Edited to add these two photos.)

In this first one, Honey is stalking a cotton ball and about to pounce.

  And in this one, she captures it!  What a mighty huntress !!

You can barely see the cotton ball between her front paws.  Not bad for 10 ounces of raw, feline power!  ROFL
I'll have a posting tomorrow (new Dude Time Doodles challenge coming up!) and should be back on track by the end of the week.

Thanks to those of you who had already heard about this and who have sent such wonderful well wishes and prayers for the family.  Fortunately, it was only the car which was badly damaged and that can be replaced!