Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Ho Ho Ho Gift Holder

      Today I want to share with you a Hand-made, gift Holder for my "H" card at the 30 Days of Holidays at Beccy's Place.  With a big "Ho Ho Ho" ringing in my head, I decided I wanted to do something with a Santa theme but without actually showing a Santa; only doing something which would make the viewer think of Santa.

     My daughter has her own business as a Color Street stylist.  If you're not familiar with Color Street, it's "dry" nail polish which is easily put onto your nails by applying nail polish strips.  They come in a package and you'll see one of them in one of the photos I'm posting.  At Christmas time, she gives sets to those of us who want them as our gifts, and she also has many people who buy the packaged sets as gifts for people on their lists.  She asked me if I could make gift holders in a size suitable for holding the Color Street packets.  

     Of course, I jumped right in and started designing something.  I measured the Color Street packet, then scored and folded red CS so that it was 3/8 inch larger in width, and 1/2 an inch longer.  I sealed the holder by using double stick tape on the bottom and along a narrow flap I made on one side.  The dies are from Sue Wilson and I cut 4 different kinds of buckles to use.  I cut only scraps for the belts and buckles.  I made a dozen of these; some have the sentiment and some are just the belt and buckle.  I'm sure she's going to want more of them.  Here's the result of my labors:

Did your brain say "Santa" as soon as you saw this?


The photo above shows the Color Street packet
and the photo below shows how it slips into the top of the holder.  
It actually slides all the way inside but I left one end peeking out
so that you could see how it fits.
     I'm heading back to the craft room to make some gift card holders and I'm so pleased with this design idea that I may very well make some of those using this idea.  They'll be much smaller, of course, but that just means I have to find a way to cut smaller buckles.  :-D
     Happy Crafting.  NanaConnie


*Vicki* said...

That is such a cute and clever idea for the Color Street packages Connie! Super cute with the Santa belt idea too! What a fun gift set!

Beccy said...

I definitely thought of Santa when I saw your project NanaConnie, love it! The gold buckle is wonderful, I like the glittery finish. What a fabulous idea for your daughter's business, I'm sure her customers will get a kick out of these festive packets.

Bunny said...

You could make the belt buckle rectangle.

These are cute. You did a good job. [Bunny]

AndreaNorris said...

That's brilliant NC, I love it!! Thank you for joining us at CRAFt Challenge this week
Andrea x

Brenda said...

What a cute, clever gift holder! Thanks so much for joining us at CRAFT Challenge this week!

Di said...

What a great idea Connie! I need to make some holders for cheques and this idea is so clever, and super way to use up snippets of course. I hope you post how you make the gift card holders - wink.


Di (Christmas Kickstart Challenge GD)

Crafts-by-Alison.blogspot.com said...

Fantastic idea love the colour and the gold buckle really sets it off. Love Alison x

Dotty Jo said...

Thanks for playing at Christmas Kickstart with Di and me, this is great fun! Jo x