Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Apology for Word Verification Application

    This morning I discovered that Google has applied a new type of Word Verification, called "reCAPTCHA," to the comments section of my blog.  I didn't ask for it, I don't want it, and I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of it.

     Please don't get discouraged about leaving a comment while I'm trying to sort this out.  I would miss your comments so much if this stupid new reCAPTCHA kept you from commenting.

     I also suggest that you check your own blog (click open the comments section on your own blog and scroll down to the bottom to see if there's a Word Verification box with numbers in it) to see if it's been applied to your blog without your permission or interest in having it.

     If anyone else has already found a remedy and a way to remove it, please be kind enough to leave a comment here and let me know.  It will save me a ton of time researching it.  :-D



Per Jackie's comment and the same info from others, selecting Embedded from the options available in Design/Setting/Comments and Posts will eliminate the Verification block from being on your Comment section.

If, like me, you love the "pop-up" window because it allows people to see your photos while they leave a comment (without having to scroll up and down between comment box and your posted photos), you can continue to leave a comment and simply ignore the Verification thing.  Apparently, it will post the comment even if the Verification info isn't entered.  Several of the gals from one of my DTs have been doing that all day and it's working.

Keep in mind, that's true for now but it may change without notice.  The other potential problem is that many folks who visit from other Challenge DTs may not know they can ignore the Verification and may just click off as soon as they see the Verification box at the bottom of your comment section.

Maybe if we keep passing the word on (especially to members of all our DTs), everyone will learn to ignore the Verification until (and if) that changes.    Please just ignore the Verification.  You can write and post your comment without entering anything in the box (at least until Blogger decides to change that, too.)  Thank you.



  1. I've noticed this on TONS of blogs this morning while leaving comments! I need to see if mine is doing this too!

  2. Whoa...I'm going to check but don't see the thing on your blog.

  3. They have done this on everyone's so not sure what is going on. Thank you for letting me know.
    Linda xxx

  4. Yes, mine has it and everyone I have commented on does. Guess we don't have a choice. Waiting to see. Ugh!

  5. Very few people don't have the problem - I'm sure google will get it sorted out, Miss Connie! xo

  6. Design- settings-comments- change pop up to embedded

  7. You know that I love the "pop-up" right along with ya sweetie, so always know that you can just ignore it on my blog unless you can't for some this case, PLEASE let me know!!?? LOL!!! HUGS

  8. Thanks for the heads up on this! I've changed it on my blog for now. Fingers crossed this will be resolved shortly & we can get a wee pop up box without the numbers!
    Dawn xx


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