Thursday, July 10, 2014

Would Love to Have Your Help

This is a sticky post and will remain on top for several days.

Hello, dear blogging friends.

One of our blogging-paper-crafting-friends, Sue Drees, recently shared some sad news.

Her sister, Edith, fell on June 22, and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. On June 25, the tumor was successfully removed. However, the biopsy brought back devastating news - a fast growing Brain Cancer. Sue's sister is determined to fight this all the way. She began physical rehabilitation on July 4.

Sue and Edith both live in the North East (USA). Sue and her husband transport Edith's husband to the hospital each day and check up on changes and quality of care.

While Sue did not ask for help, others kept in touch with her and asked if Edith would enjoy receiving cards of encouragement and support.

Sue was so grateful that the on-line community might help in this way - it was something she had not considered.

Edith enjoys quilting and LOVES flowers! Edith's beloved fur baby is a little pug and they miss each other very much.
Will you please consider sending a note, tag, or card (or two or three?) offering encouragement? Edith valiantly fights other illnesses in addition to this new challenge. She is a very courageous soul.

Cards can be sent addressed to Edith c/o Sue Drees and she will take them daily to the hospital.

To obtain the mailing address, please write:

Thank you for making a difference in one person's life, by bringing in a little sunshine.

If you'd like to post this information on your own blog, feel free to copy and paste it into a post.  The more people we reach, the more cards will be there to encourage Edith in her fight.  And if you believe in the power of prayer, add Edith to your daily prayers.  I'm keeping her in mine.  :-D


  1. Connie, This was such a good thing to do for Sue and her family. I have reposted this on my blog. Sue is such a wonderful person herself and I know she and her family will be happy to receive some encouraging cards and letters. Thanks Connie.

  2. A beautiful thoughtful post Connie! I will send something to Edith on my return. Thank you for sharing.
    Linda xxx

  3. I've reposted this too. Thanks for writing it and allowing us to share it.

  4. Prayers being sent! So sad.

  5. Poor Eith, suh a lot on her plate! I'll keep her & her family in my prayers & see if I can get something sone for her!
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Dawn xx

  6. Poor Edith Connie such sad news - I ll be holding her and her family in my prayers and will send something off for her - what a kind thing to do hugs Judith xxx

  7. Sorry to hear about the sad news she is facing- glad that Edith is a fighter and is looking at this diagnosis head on! I am happy to send a card- and will be keeping her in prayers!

  8. I'm leaving for vacation, but when I get back, I will get the address and send a little card. So caring of your Connie. My dad went in for a nose bleed only to find he had a quick growing brain tumor so I totally understand. I'm so glad see has wonderful family and friends to help through this scary process.


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